I’ve known Devon since I was a freshman and she was a world-weary sophomore in college, living on the same floor of a concrete block dorm. We could each tell some stories, but I’ll save that for our reunions. Let’s just say that she looks as if she hasn’t aged since….however many years ago that was.

Even though we only see them about once a year, Everett still thinks of her sons as his good friends and is excited to see them whenever we visit my parents. I felt so honored when Devon asked me to take their family photos during our trip this pas July. After a delicious dinner at her house, we hopped over to the nearby Fisher Hill Reservoir Park. If you live in the Boston area, you should definitely check it out. They really did a great job with the landscaping of the space. There’s the historic pump house overlooking the modern fields and playgrounds, even a huge field of black-eyed susans. I don’t get to see this crew as often as I like, but just looking through these photos again makes me happy.

Summer Family Photo SessionBrothers Playing Photo Shoot

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