On Sunday, I got together with a group of local photographers for a stroll through Philadelphia. None of the streets were new. None of the sites were new. But….taking the time to walk slowly, with the intent of taking photos, forced me to see things differently.

I got to meet several ladies whose work I had only followed on Instagram or with whom I had only spoken online. I also spoke to strangers on the street! People do this all the time, but I’m a wary street photographer. I think many creatives identify as INFJ (read: introvert) like me and it’s definitely outside my comfort zone. Emboldened by all the friendly faces in my group and our community-over-competition vibe, I decided I would ask passers-by if they would let me take their pictures. Luckily, several of them did!

I LOVE babies, kids, and playing with families in parks….but it was great to do something a little different. I couldn’t resist sharing a few shots on here. Shoot me a message and tell me which one is your favorite!