Fine Art School Portraits

Modern School Portraits Worthy of a Place on the Wall

Fine Art School Portraits

What is Fine Art School Photography?

Fine Art School Photography is a modern take on school portraits. Taken against a simple background, the portraits let the child’s personality shine. We may get some giggles, but I never force a smile. I create a relaxed, fun experience for the kids and a boutique experience for the schools who hire me. I’m available to work with daycares, preschools, co-ops, and home schools groups in the Philadelphia suburbs.

How Does It All Work?

Other than picture day, the entire process is completely online. Families don’t pay anything until they have seen their child’s portrait. Families receive links to password-protected online ordering galleries, set up by grade, homeroom, or whatever grouping makes sense for your school. Each child’s gallery will include 2-5 images, presented in both color and black & white. Parents can choose their favorite image, rather than having one chosen for them. Print packages will be delivered directly to the school to be distributed to the families.

Picture Day

On the day of the shoot, I provide all of the equipment, including camera, backdrop and lights if necessary. I only need a room with at least one large window. I can work with parent volunteers or bring my own assistant. 

I will spend a few minutes with each child. Whether the child is outgoing and boisterous or quiet and reserved, we’ll create a portrait that captures the child’s personality, never demanding a big smiler or asking them to say “Cheese!”. If requested, we can also take sibling photos.

School Benefits

I donate 10% of my profits back to the schools I photograph.

Faculty and staff may also have their portraits then on picture day and receive special discounts on their print orders.

Schools receive digital images of students and staff to use for IDs, website, yearbooks, etc.

I can work with schools to create a custom experience that fits your needs.

What Does This Cost?

There is no cost to the school and parents pay nothing up front.

My print packages are competitively priced with the larger operations.

I offer print packages, canvas, digital downloads, and a-la-carte prints.

Each package order includes a free 5×7” composite class portrait print.

10% of the net profits from the print orders go back to the school. It makes a great fundraiser!

Book Now!

If you are a school looking for more information or you’re ready to book at date, please contact me HERE. I’d love to work with you!

I’m now booking for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024, but can work with you to find a date that works with your school schedule.

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