My fall family session with the Lucard family was a pretty perfect night. It was cool, but not cold. A few clouds made their way across the sky, but we had all the glory of golden hour light. We made a lot of portraits that make me happy, but this first image is my favorite from their gallery.

It’s not the most perfect golden hour image. It doesn’t have the best sunlight streaming in behind them. I kind of missed focus when I whirled around and saw Sara wrapping her daughter up in a big hug. Despite all that, it feels the most like them to me. I’m lucky to call this family my friends and I know that they love their kiddos with their whole hearts. I hope that years from now, they will look at this image and remember what it FELT like to fit into their mamas arms and Sara will remember how they fit into her like a puzzle piece.

Scroll down below for more fun images from this playful fall family session.